The Borrowed World Series

Post-apocalyptic survival series
by Franklin Horton
Paperback, e-book, and audiobook

In this post-apocalyptic survival series, ISIS operatives strike America’s infrastructure. The electrical grid is shut down, communications systems are destroyed, and fuel refineries are bombed resulting in total chaos. Jim Powell and his co-workers find themselves stranded far from their families. Just hours into their trip home, the group comes face to face with the sudden breakdown of society and resulting lawlessness. At home, their families are facing threats of their own.

Jim and Gary, who have each put  years of preparation into their survival plans for themselves and their families, have those preps put to a life or death test. This story gets into the mindset of the characters and how their worldview shapes their decision making. Jim and Gary, who had contemplated the chaos that would ensue in the collapse of society as we know it, make the decision early on to do whatever is necessary to get home to their families. Each character must decide if they have what it takes to overcome the brutality of the new world in which they find themselves.

Horton did a fantastic job creating well developed, realistic characters with flaws as well as attributes. The scenarios were eye-openers for me and left me asking myself what I would do in their situation.

As always, Kevin Pierce’s narration was terrific. I often discover new authors and books to enjoy by searching for other works Pierce has done. I have never been disappointed.

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