Excerpts from The Days of Want Series

Turbulent: A Post Apocalypse Survival Story

Turbulent: Book One in the Days of Want Series

An explosion rattled the windows. The ear piercing sound of metal on concrete was followed by the cockpit of a jet skidding down the runway. A crowd ran from the shopping area of the terminal and huddled near the window staring at the burning wreckage of the plane on the tarmac.

Maddie rose slowly to her feet. Grabbing her backpack from its position beside her, she flipped it over her shoulder and grabbed her suitcase. 

She stared out the window with her mouth open wide as a second Boeing 737 drop from the sky onto the runway and burst into flames. Her hand shot up to cover her mouth. Maddie’s feet would not move even though her brain said, “run.” 

Not only were the lights out and there was no cell service, but planes were also colliding in the sky above them. Maddie could not believe it had happened. The EMP or electromagnetic pulse her dad and Uncle Ryan talked about really happened.

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