Endure the Dark book cover

Endure the Dark

Reign of Darkness Series, Book One

A catastrophic EMP attack.

A world plunged into darkness.

Suddenly, everything stops. No power. No transportation. No communications.

After a train derails, sending toxic plumes into the air, Serenity Jones, a tough-as-nails homeless teen, is forced to flee for her life. But she can’t outrun her past, can’t escape her loneliness, and can’t make it out of her crumbling hometown on her own.

In her search for a safe place to hunker down, Serenity stumbles upon a murderous plot that puts her in the crosshairs of very dangerous men.

Serenity must forge unlikely alliances, but with a price in her head, peril at every turn, and betrayal just a whisper away, she doesn’t know who to trust.

Narrowly escaping death, she realizes she can’t hide forever, so she comes up with a bold plan to fight back.

Meanwhile, Keith, her estranged father, organizes a bold prison break to reunite with the daughter he failed and left behind. He is in a race against time to locate his little girl before the impending violence engulfs them both.

Can father and daughter find their way back to each other amidst a world in turmoil?

Escape the Destruction book cover

Escape the Destruction

Reign of Darkness Series, Book Two

Serenity finds herself on a perilous journey with a six-year-old boy named Finn. They must navigate West Dentonville's chaos to find Finn's grandparents. Finally, a tender reunion rewards the two travelers with a much-needed respite.

Tranquility is suddenly shattered when their short-lived safety and normalcy ends in the mysterious disappearance of Finn. Serenity’s frantic search for him leads her straight into the snare of her father’s ruthless adversary.

As Serenity fights for her life, her estranged father, Keith, battles his way through the chaos of Dentonville, searching for his daughter. Every step brings him closer to a potential reunion but also deeper into the heart of a perilous, fractured world.

As the walls of civilization crumble around them, father and daughter each find themselves in the midst of destruction where the only certainty is their unyielding will to survive.

Escape the Destruction is book two in the Reign of Darkness series.

Evade the Ruthless book cover

Evade the Ruthless

Reign of Darkness Series, Book Two

COMING January 2024!

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