Brink of Darkness

Survive the Collapse Series, Book One

Narrated by Kevin Pierce

The unthinkable has happened. 

The World goes dark. All technology is lost.

An EMP attack takes out the power grid putting two hundred miles and a dangerous crew of hired assassins between former police detective Sam Wallace and his family.

Sam knew this assignment could be dangerous, but now he has to protect the witness and fight his way back home to his family without transportation and technology.

Lauren Wallace is one hundred miles from home picking up Sam’s son, Charlie, at the airport when the lights go out. She and thirteen-year-old Charlie have no way home. As danger spikes, they must fight for their lives. As darkness approaches, they discover nowhere is safe.

Brink of Chaos

Survive the Collapse Series, Book Two

Narrated by Kevin Pierce

Two weeks after an electromagnetic pulse knocked out the power grid, communications, and nearly all transportation, sending that nation back into the Stone Age, Lauren Wallace and the small eastern Tennessee town of Unicoi struggles to survive as residents hunker behind their newly constructed walls.

Sam Wallace, injured and exhausted from his trek out of Atlanta, finds refuge in Franklin, North Carolina. But trouble comes knocking when the town’s tourist population refuses to go home.

Releasing August 31, 2022.


Brink of Panic

Survive the Collapse Series, Book Three

Narrated by Kevin Pierce



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