Panic in the Rockies

A Desperate Age Series, Book One

In an instant, an EMP attack plunges the nation into chaos.

Young parents Ethan and Brooke Spencer are on a romantic ski vacation in the Rockies when the lights go out, cars stall, and communications fail.

Stranded eight hundred miles from home, they are desperate to return to their four-year-old twins and are willing to do whatever it takes to reach them.

When the lights go out, ordinary parents find themselves facing the end of the world as they know it. With chaos everywhere and society collapsing before their eyes, they'll have to risk everything to get home to the people they love.

Panic in the Rockies is book one in the Desperate Age Series, a high-octane, post-apocalyptic EMP survival series.

Getting Out of Dodge

Desperate Age Series, Book Two

After an EMP attack plunged the nation into chaos, two parents must make a daring journey that spans more than eight hundred miles without modern technology.

With the fate of their twins hanging in the balance, Brooke and Ethan must brave the hostile environment of the great plains, face outlaws and bandits who have taken control of Dodge City, Kansas, and confront their inner demons to reunite with their loved ones.

Along the way, they make unlikely allies, discover secrets about the world they thought they knew, and uncover long-forgotten truths about themselves. Will they have what it takes to Get Out of Dodge and make it home or will their suffering be for naught?

Follow this desperate family as they navigate a grid-down world.

Getting Out of Dodge is book two in the Desperate Age Series.

COMING APRIL 25, 2023!



Desperate Age Series, Book Three

Nearly two weeks after an EMP attack sent the nation into chaos, Ethan and Brooke are still fighting to make their way home to Tulsa. Dangers await them at every turn.

Meanwhile, back in Tulsa, Robert and Nina continue to fight to protect Ethan and Brooke’s twins from roaming bands of raiders.

Follow this desperate family as they navigate a grid-down world in book three of the Desperate Age Series, Surviving Freedom.

COMING MAY 23, 2023!



In the last three weeks, Ethan and Brooke Spencer have fought their way across eight hundred treacherous miles to reach their home in Tulsa, Oklahoma. They arrive only to find a city in chaos, their home in ruin, and the family they'd fought so hard to return to–missing.

Trouble in Tulsa is book four in the Desperate Age series.


In the face of a world transformed by an EMP attack, the Spencer family has faced every challenge, every trial, and forged an unbreakable bond.

Their unity, however, remains unassailable, fortified by not just shared blood, but also by deep bonds of friendship that were kindled and strengthened amidst adversity. Their sanctuary, a symbol of their resilience and hope, will not be forfeited. No matter the cost, they are prepared to fight to their last breath. For love, for survival, for each other.

Discover their journey. Immerse yourself in a tale of courage, love, and unwavering determination in a world turned upside down.

Will they succeed in protecting their sanctuary?

This We'll Defend

A Desperate Age Series Novella

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